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How It Works

HOW IT WORKS: Our wooden diffuser lids have been developed using a unique type of wood which we have spent months testing extensively, to ensure the fragrances smell strong, diffuse quickly and last long. Our wooden lids soak up the fragrance from the glass bottles and to become saturated. The scent can then slowly evaporate from the lids and perfume the surrounding air.

Just like traditional reed diffusers, the evaporation process is affected by heat and movement. Therefore the car diffusers work best in warm conditions with both heat from the sun, and from your car. As you drive your car the diffuser will move gently - releasing more aroma. 

The diffusers contain approximately 10ml of oil and are not designed to be overpowering. The scents have been made up to a maximum concentration in accordance with IFRA regulations. All our diffusers are CLP compliant.