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How to use

We've recorded a handy instructional video to ensure all of our customers have their Drift Mist diffusers working and smelling perfectly.



STEP 1: Remove diffuser from the box.
STEP 2: Unscrew the lid.
STEP 3: Remove the inner stopper.
STEP 4: Screw the lid back on, ensuring it is secure. 
STEP 5: Gently invert the bottle, to release the scent into the lid. Repeat several times until you can smell the fragrance through the wooden lid.
STEP 6: Hang the diffuser in your car where desired, adjusting the length accordingly. Ensure the string is short enough to prevent the diffuser from reaching the windscreen whilst driving.

If the scent diminishes over time, repeat step 5 to allow more fragrance to soak into the wooden lid.

PLEASE NOTE: Our leak-proof design allows you to safely invert your diffusers as desired, to ensure long-lasting, strong smelling fragrance. However, we would recommend this no more than 3 x times a week. If the lid and laces are completely saturated, excess fragrance then has the potential to (slowly) leak through the wood and laces when inverted. Once the wooden lids are completely saturated, further inverting is not advised and is not necessary until the fragrance has evaporated. Excess inverting will also deplete the fragrance at a much faster rate than normal.

Avoid touching the lids directly when inverting the bottles. If you end up with fragrance oils on your hands - do not touch any surfaces until you have washed your hands thoroughly. Contact with plastic and/or textiles can can cause damage.