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Our Story

At Drift Mist HQ, we believe that every car deserves a little bit of luxury.

My first car was a 2008 Mark 5 VW Golf. With 100,000 miles on the clock, it wasn’t anything special, but to me it symbolised freedom and meant I could enjoy summer road trips, late night drives and making memories with friends. Like every car enthusiast I would spend hours waxing, modifying and tuning my car to personalise it.

It got me thinking, if we can modify our exhausts to improve the sound, wrap our cars to improve their appearance and tune them to improve their performance - why settle for limited fragrance options that smell like lemon oven cleaner? Cars are to be enjoyed and experienced. Why can’t we personalise our car scents to smell like us? Because as all car people will know, they aren’t just cars – they are who we are.

 Jeremy Clarkson quotes

Rather than waste money buying multipack air fresheners that lasted a maximum of two weeks, or buying diffusers that claimed luxury but leaked and damaged the interior of my car, I decided to create a range of luxury fragrances that would be long lasting, leak-proof and smell good enough to wear.

We designed our own leak-proof diffusers using vegan friendly ingredients. Our glass and wood packaging minimises plastic use but maximises long lasting freshness in your car. Our fragrances are made using regulated suppliers and are fully CLP compliant, to ensure they not only smell great, but are safe, and regulated. Using larger 10ml bottles we maximised the cost-benefit for our users to keep your car smelling fresh for twice as long as industry leaders. Our luxury packaging was developed from scratch because we know that the unboxing experience begins the minute you receive your diffuser.

Thanks to Drift Mist, I can experience a little bit of extra luxury every single day. And now, I can’t wait to share it with you too.

Smell it, Love it, share it, send it.

From Drift Mist HQ 


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