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Car Diffuser - Savage

Sale price$20.00

Give your car air freshener a serious upgrade, with our luxury car diffusers. Each car diffuser is inspired by your favourite designer fragrances, iconic colognes and signature perfumes - and with our wide variety of car scents, your car can now look and smell as good as you. At Drift Mist HQ, we know that it's not just a car - it's who you are. 

Car Diffuser - Savage
Car Diffuser - Savage Sale price$20.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Richard K

Lovly smell ,bought on black friday and received a another bottle,sticker and a nice soft bag.Great deal and will back for more. Quick delivery also,well impressed.

amazing, 4/5, would be 5/5!

took awhile to receive the package but that’s expected, as the shipping method i had selected was the standard option. when it arrived it was packaged in a very nice, professional looking box, as it should be for a $40/$50 air freshener. on the inside was a packing slip (with a hand written note on the packing slip apologizing for the wait and saying they threw in an extra one free of charge. this comes into play later), a sticker or two, the product i ordered, and the extra one in a nice, little suede drawstring pouch. the product itself has a great design with only one main flaw, the drawstring it uses to hold itself. with the first one, i had followed the instructions and hung it up for a few days with it being fine. later, i came out to my car to find it had fallen on my leather seat and was almost completely empty. it had left a big oil stain. now it was probably user error and i would be pretty mad about my $40. but i’m a detailer so i was able to clean it. and because of the freebie they threw in, i had another one and tied it much better. it has now lasted a week or so with no issues. smells great, doesn’t leak/spill, looks aesthetic, etc. highly recommend just make sure you tie it well and put the plug back in after you disperse it to save product!

Carl Seddon

Smells great. Gf loves it also!

Darren McCormick

Once I removed my vanilla little tree I could start smelling my new savage diffuser

The smell

I’m very impressed with the smell, Its not too strong but definitely noticeable. when you enter a car with driftmist you immediately notice the difference in smell, very noticeable and smells wonderful. thanks for the amazing product 👍🏻